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Deputy John Durm Of Marion County Sheriff’s Office Laid To Rest

We take a moment to remember Marion County Deputy John Durm, 61 who was laid to rest yesteday. You can watch the full funeral service for Deputy John Durm on the YouTube channel of local NBC news affiliate WTHR Channel 13 News.

Deputy Durm sadly passed away while on duty at the Marion County Jail in Indianapolis. He was strangled to death by 34 year old inmate Orlando Mitchell around 11:30 AM (ET) on Monday, July 10, 2023. To read the full police report on the incident, we recommend starting with this article from local news station FOX59: Police reports detail deadly, disturbing timeline of the attack on Deputy John Durm during escape attempt (July 12, 2023).

Deputy Durm’s Law Enforcement Legacy

A 38 year veteran of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, even after yesterday’s final 10-42 radio call, deputy Durm’s family heritage of service lives on. Deputy Durm’s father, one son, two brothers and wife have all served or still serve the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Ron Barnes, the chair of the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation, spoke at yesterday’s graveside funeral service of how easily unnoticed law enforcement who work with the incarcerated often go.

“You’re not in the public’s eye. You’re kind of an unsung hero behind the walls so you go to work every day, you raise your family, you keep them safe, you keep the inmates away from the public, you keep people safe,” Barnes said. “That’s what I’m looking at as far as unsung heroes.”

Ron Barnes, (Source: WISHTV)

Visit the following link to read Deputy John Durm’s Obituary.

About Deputy John Durm Memorial Fund

In the wake of his funeral, The Central Indiana Police Foundation established a fund to support Deputy Durm’s family. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office Twitter advices not to contribute to any other websites claiming to benefit Deputy Durm. All donations will support Deputy Durm’s family, and can be done so easily online via

The Major County Sheriffs of America extends our deepest sympathies to the family of Deputy John Durm and thank them for sharing such an exemplary member of their community with us.