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Oklahoma Deputy Jeremy McCain Dies Following Accident

After huge community rallying for his recovering, Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy Jeremy McCain has died, a week after a car accident, when his patrol car hit a partially open security gate near the campus, while leaving his post at the local school at he served as a resource.

The Oklahoman reported that McCain was described by the community as “a single father of a boy with autism. He is a strong and positive community contributor who knows the names of each student at school, and also gives them nicknames.”

In a statement after a thorough investigation, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s said the accident occurred with McCain’s vehicle traveling approximately 10 mph. Upon impact, the gate went through McCain’s front windshield and pinned him there.

A GoFundMe has been set up in support of his family.


Tribute from Oklahoma Christian School

For further details on this story, we recommend the following article: Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputy dies days after accident in Edmond by Josh Dulaney of The Oklahoman.

Please visit Deputy Sheriff McCain’s memorial page if you wish to pay your respects digitally.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office are still working with the family of sheriff’s deputy McCain to finalize funeral plans, which will be announced soon.