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Important documents and links to resources for law enforcement.

MCSA Supported Publications

A Law Enforcement Guide to Countering Antisemitism: Implementing the U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism (December 2023)

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Considerations for Specialized Units (January 2024):

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Retention and Recruitment for the Modern Law Enforcement Agency (2023):

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Links to Resources

American Corrections Association
The American Correctional Association provides a professional organization for all individuals and groups, both public and private that share a common goal of improving the justice system.
Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies
ASCIA is a professional association consisting of the senior executives of the state wide criminal investigative agencies in the United States whether they are independent bureau within the state or a state police agency with both criminal and other enforcement responsibilities.
1-800-COPLINE is a 24 hour /7 Days A Week/365 Days A Year confidential, peer-to-peer support hotline for law enforcement officers to reach out for help.
COVID-19 Impact On MCSA Member Agencies
This page seeks to honor the memory of the those lost to Coronavirus (COVID-19) who were members of the Major County Sheriffs of America.
DHS State and Local Law Enforcement Resource Catalog
This Law Enforcement Resource Guide highlights many of the Department’s threat resilience resources available to you, including training and grant opportunities.
International Association of Chiefs of Police
The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) is the world’s largest and most influential professional association for police leaders.
Jails and Justice Support Center
The Jails and Justice Support Center (JJSC) assists jails in creating and sustaining safe, humane, and effective environments for their populations including incarcerated individuals, staff, and visitors.
Major Cities Chiefs Association
The Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) is a professional organization of police executives representing the largest cities in the United States and Canada.
National Sheriffs’ Association
The National Sheriffs' Association is a professional association dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through law enforcement education and training, and through the provision of general law enforcement informational resources.
National Executive Institute Associates
The FBI National Executive Institute Associates (NEIA) is a private, non-profit organization, of chief executives of the largest law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe.
Next Generation 9-1-1 Coalition
The Public Safety Next Generation 9-1-1 Coalition, comprised of stakeholders from every discipline within the public safety community, is committed to advancing legislation that enables a nationwide upgrade to Next Generation 9-1-1.
Office of Partner Engagement (OPE)
The Office of Partner Engagement serves as a voice between FBI executive management and all law enforcement partners, helping mitigate issues and improve communication.
OSLLE Homepage
The Office for State and Local Law Enforcement provides the Department of Homeland Security with primary coordination, liaison, and advocacy for state, local, tribal, territorial and campus law enforcement agencies.