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Kerry J. Forestal was elected Marion County Sheriff in November of 2018. As Sheriff, he has the honor of leading the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and its 800 dedicated employees. The Marion County Sheriff is responsible for three Marion County jail facilities, which house an average daily population of 2,500 inmates, and countywide emergency communications for over 30 Indianapolis law enforcement agencies. He also oversees the agency’s six Divisions and its $120 million budget.

Sheriff Forestal grew up on Indianapolis’ East side and joined the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in 1977. Over the course of four decades at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Forestal rose through the ranks eventually being appointed Chief Deputy in 2003 by Sheriff Frank Anderson.

In 2010, Sheriff Forestal was appointed by President Barack Obama, with the advice and consent of the United States Senate, to the position of United States Marshal for the Southern District of Indiana. In that role, his responsibilities included security over four federal courthouses, coordination of warrant service and arrests by federal agencies, the protection of federal judges, and operational direction of the United States’ execution site at the Federal Correctional Institution in Terre Haute. Sheriff Forestal also served as the USMS representative to the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force and the U.S. Attorney-led High Intensity Drug Task Force.

Sheriff Forestal married his high school sweetheart, Kathy, in 1978. They have three children, Adam, Erik, and Brittany, and eight grandchildren.

Like most Sheriffs in communities throughout our nation, today, you can find Sheriff Forestal and his team working diligently to protect their community, their employees, and their inmates from the scourge of COVID-19. Sheriff Forestal knows that through times of struggle, there is strength in collaboration. He sincerely appreciates his fellow members of the Major County Sheriffs of America and their willingness to share information and best practices as we navigate this crisis.