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Flock Safety

Law enforcement agencies across America are establishing Real Time Crime Centers (RTCCs) to harness the power of technology to help reduce crime, improve officer safety, and shape safer communities. Flock Safety can integrate first and third-party data across video, LPR, and audio to deliver real-time intelligence and retroactive crime-solving with unmatched scalability. Explore “The Future of Policing” with retired Fort Worth PD Sergeant Dalton Webb for steps to build an RTCC in your county.

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Our Mission:

The Major County Sheriffs of America is a professional law enforcement association of the 100+ largest Sheriff's offices representing counties or parishes with 500,000 population or more. We are dedicated to preserving the highest integrity in law enforcement and the elected Office of the Sheriff. Our membership represents over 130 million citizens.

The Major County Sheriffs of America is a united and powerful voice of community leaders on issues of public concern through:

Sense of Urgency

Serving with speed and accuracy for maximum positive outcomes because America’s safety is always at stake.


Delivering real time, relevant communications with stakeholders using all state of the art systems.


Develop and promote innovative law enforcement and detention training.


Educate and foster relationships with legislators, government agencies, and stakeholders while proactively identifying relevant issues.


Establish standards and processes based upon science, technology, and time proven best practices with public and private partnerships.