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Polk County Sheriff Deputy Blane Lane Killed By Friendly Fire

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sheriff Judd, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and the friends and family of Deputy Lane. May he rest in peace and be remembered for giving the ultimate sacrifice.

A memorial service is taking place for 21-year-old Polk Sheriff’s Deputy Blane Lane, killed in the line of duty today, after being shot in the crossfire while serving a warrant outside Polk City, Florida.

Lane was in a concealed position outside the mobile home, when the suspect pulled a silver handgun.

Two deputies in the mobile home opened fire, with one of the bullets striking Lane outside.

The gun the suspect drew on deputies turned out to be a BB gun.

“He was eager. He was brilliant,” Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said last week. “He absorbed information like a sponge. And he was careful when he did his job.”

Deputy Lane’s wife publicly shared a Facebook post last week including 35 pictures showing Lane as a young father and husband.

The post described a childhood love that turned into a marriage and quickly, a family.

A short procession started at 10:00 AM EST, from the funeral home to Victory Church in Lakeland.

A memorial service will happen inside, then immediately following Lane will receive a law enforcement honors ceremony outside.

Burial will be private.

A recording can be viewed on the Facebook page of Victory Church. We’ve embedded it here for your convience.


Link to recording:

The Polk Sheriff’s Office says to expect heavy traffic before, during and after the service, on Griffin Road, Kathleen Road and U.S. Highway 98.

Donations for Lane’s family can be made to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

We recommend watching this recording of Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd’s official statement which summarizes the events of what happened to Lane, as well as pays a just tribute to telling his life story. it can be read on the official Polk County Sheriff’s Office website: Polk County Deputy Sheriff dies in the line of duty while serving a felony warrant.